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Flora Fauna Fantasia

October 9 - December 1, 2018

Barbara Fletcher
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Flora Fauna Fantasia is a group show of artists, working in various media, that share some everyday inspirations. Theirs is an imaginative, fanciful, sometimes ominous, sometimes ironic, occasionally humorous interpretation of the natural world. References to landscape, plants, and animal life are less literal than emotional, and drawn from the inside out, rather than allusions to observed phenomena.

Barbara Fletcher
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Barbara Fletcher occupies a lively space in Lowell's Western Avenue Studios. In sculpture and mixed media creations, she expresses amusement with her dizzying array of animal characters and scenes in the wild.

Samantha Linnane works out of the ArtSpace in Maynard. She states, "I am finding beauty in chaos. I love to explore the mushy space created between the sky and windy riot of storm-swept trees, the shock of discovery between colors and the satisfying execution of a balanced design."

Samantha Linnane
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Sarah Leon has a studio at Waltham Mills. She has a fascinating imagination which, along with other stylistic pursuits, has her populating her landscapes with monsters and mythological creatures.

Gwen Cory of Western Avenue Studios says "Painting for me is freedom. My creative process is about observing nature and intuitively painting expressive, bold, and moving colorscapes. Sometimes I like to start with very little reference in mind, play with color, paint thickness, shape relationships and watch my paintings spontaneously evolve."

Gwen Cory
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Rachel Benson of Groton refers to herself as a sculptor, painter, and crafter. "I draw inspiration from the details in nature. I'm captivated by the texture found on the bark of a tree or the patterns on a butterfly, the colors of leaves in fall, the flowers in spring. My art combines bits and pieces of nature that speak to me, with the addition of my own funky, whimsical twist, turning them into my own design."

Marilyn Tavares of Lowell is a nurse by profession. Visitors to the Groton office of Pediatrics West are treated to her decorative cut paper flowers hanging throughout. She has consented to share them at our library show.

Rachel Benson
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There will be an opening reception on Tuesday, October 9, 7:00 pm. All are welcome!

This exhibit is made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Ken Hansen,