Freading is a great new eBook service for Groton library users. Freading currently provides access to about 22,000 titles from over 100 small and independent publishers, with new titles added regularly. Download and read eBooks on your computer (Windows or Mac) using Adobe Digital Editions, or transfer titles to a portable reading device. Freading works with iPads, iPhones, Nooks, most Android-based mobile devices and Kindle Fire (sorry, no Kindle Readers). Using a free app, you can download books directly to compatible mobile devices. Freading gives you a choice of EPUB or PDF file formats.

One difference between Freading and the library's other eBook service, Axis 360, is that Freading titles are always available. No waiting lists. Freading works on a token-system similar to its sister-company Freegal. Each eBook is assigned a token value of 1, 2 or 4 tokens. Users will receive five tokens each week and can accumulate their unused tokens for four rolling weeks, at which time the account is cleared and starts over with the original five token allottment.

Freading is FREE to all GPL library cardholders.

Quick Facts about Freading

  • Over 20,000 titles are available from a variety of publishers.
  • New books are added weekly.
  • All books are always available
  • Books can be checked out for 14 days and renewed
  • Each user is allotted five tokens per week that can be used to download the books.
  • Books range in token value from 1 to 4 tokens, with most newer titles being 4 tokens.

A Few Basics before You Begin

  • You will need your GPL library card number (14-digit barcode) and PIN.
  • You must have an Adobe ID to manage your eBook downloads. If you do not already have an Adobe ID, you can create an ID by visiting the Adobe website.
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions software (optional if you are a mobile only user and use the Freading app – see below).

What eReaders does Freading work with?

Most popular eReading devices will work with Freading, with the exception of the standard Amazon Kindle. Freading does have an app that works with the Kindle Fire.

You can use the service with:

  • Either a PC or Mac. Use Adobe Digital Editions to read downloaded books.
  • The Nook family of readers from Barnes & Noble. Nooks cannot download directly from Freading, but you can download books to your computer and then transfer them to the Nook with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Users download the Freading app from the Apple App Store, then register the app with their Adobe ID and use the browser on the device (e.g. Safari) to log in to Freading and check out a book. The app will then allow access to the book.
  • The Kobo eReader and Vox tablet. Users download the Freading app from the Getjar app store.
  • Most Android based tablets and phones. Devices must be at least version 2.2 of Android and have access to the full Android app market (some Android devices only allow access to a subset of the store). Tablets that allow you to download the app include ones from Motorola, Sony, Samsung and Acer, among others. Users download the Freading app at Google Play and use the app to download books and read. Note: there are special instructions for downloading the Freading app for Kindle Fire.

Detailed Instructions for Getting Started with Freading on Popular Devices

If you have a Nook:

You will need...

  1. Install the Adobe Digital Editions and register the computer with your Adobe ID (one time only).
  2. Launch Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Log in to Freading by following the links from and using your library card number and PIN.
  4. On the Freading website, search for EPUB books. Download desired title. Choose "open" rather than "save."
  5. Go to Adobe Digital Editions and wait for the download to finish.
  6. Plug your Nook in and you should see it appear in Adobe Digital Editions. (You will have to register your device the first time.) You can then drag titles to your device.

If you have an iPhone or iPad:

You will need...

  1. Install and activate the Freading app from the Apple App Store. Activate the app with your Adobe ID.
  2. Using Safari or another browser on your device, go to and follow the links to log in to Freading with your library card number and PIN.
  3. In the browser, find the Freading book you wish to download and click on the Download EPUB link (under the book cover). (Click off the PDF box to limit to EPUB titles.)
  4. A new window will appear for you to choose an app. Tap the [Open in…] button and select the Freading app from the list of available options.
  5. In the Freading app, the book cover will appear. If it says Download Failed, you need to activate the device by selecting the "i" (to the right of the book cover) and entering your Adobe ID when prompted.

In summary: with Freading, you browse and download from the browser, then open the book in the app.


If you have an Android mobile device:

You will need...

  1. Install the Freading app from the Android Marketplace. Activate the app with your Adobe ID.
  2. Search, check out and download EPUB eBooks directly to your device using the app.

If you have a Kindle Fire:

You will need...

It takes a few extra steps to get the Freading application on the Kindle Fire, but once it is set up,most users report that it is easy to use. (Please note: on some versions of the Kindle Fire users are warned that loading applications this way is less private and there is a risk of "unexpected behavior.")

  1. Go to the settings on the Kindle Fire (it is the bicycle gear icon at the top) and go to "device." Turn on the switch for allowing unknown applications.
  2. Go to the browser on your Kindle Fire and type in
  3. You may be prompted to install the GetJar app at this point. If so, tap "download." If not, search for "getjar" on this site.
  4. After you find the GetJar app, tap to download it to your Kindle Fire.
  5. A little number icon will appear in a circle next to the name of the Kindle at the top of the display when the download is complete. Tap the number and follow the on screen instructions to install it.
  6. Tap the back arrow on the screen to go back to browse the GetJar store.
  7. Search for and download the Freading app.
  8. As above, a number icon will appear by the name of the device to indicate the download is complete. Tap the number to find the file to install. Activate the app with your Adobe ID.
  9. The Freading app will show up on the home page of the Fire now. The first time you turn the Kindle off after the install, you may need to press the sync/refresh button, which is in the first menu after pressing the settings gear icon.
  10. Use Freading through the web browser (go back to and follow links to log in to Freading with your library card number and PIN). Select a book to download into the Freading app, or from within the app itself by tapping the 'store' icon.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, visit the Freading website.

Go to Freading now!