There are three meeting rooms and one study room available for public use. Please read the guidelines for use, then reserve a room by date or by room.

Room Use Policy

  • Study Room (Small Conference) — Guidelines for Use

    The Small Conference Room is located on the second floor and has a capacity of 6 people. Because of the high demand for this room, a reservation is required for use. It may be booked online, by phone, or in person with the following guidelines:

    Once per day for up to 2 hours
    Up to 4 times per month
    Up to 8 weeks (60 days) in advance
    Users can remain after their booking if the room is available but must vacate the space as soon as the next person arrives.

    We’re sorry, but the Quiet Study Room is no longer available for public use.

  • Meeting Rooms (Community, Sibley, and Historical) — Guidelines for Use

    There are three meeting rooms available for public use:

    Community Room (First floor)
    Sibley Hall
    (Second floor) - also the Owen Smith Shuman Art Gallery
    Historical Room
    (Third floor)

    Priority use of meeting rooms is for library programs and events, but they may be used for gatherings by local non-profit and not-for-profit groups and organizations, and can be reserved up to 12 weeks (90 days) in advance.

    Because of the high demand for meeting rooms, no meeting room may be booked more than once per month (per group). Maximum time allowed per meeting room (set up to clean up) is 3 hours for Community and Historical and 4 hours for Sibley. All meeting rooms must be vacated at least 10 minutes prior to closing.

    All meeting room use must be completely free of charge and open to the public. Meeting rooms cannot be used for commercial purposes, for the solicitation or development of business, or for any collections or sales of goods or services.

    Meeting Room reservation requests are pending until approved by the Head of Circulation.

    Special Room Restrictions

    Sibley Hall: A minimum age of 18 is required to book and use
    Historical Room: No food or beverages (other than water) are allowed

Please note: the Quiet Study Room is no longer available for public use.